Moving parts, change their hearts, creates a tidal wave
An energy, released to be, races towards the shore
You cannot see, the changes are meant to be

To higher ground, espace the sound, run up to the hills
You can’t escape the choices you make
Wipes away our lives, erase it all, everything will fall,
don’t fight this

From deep below the pressures build, something’s got to give
Death and birth is life on earth, the pleasures and the pain
You can’t outrun the waves

These cycles recycle
Makes equal, karmic sequel

The waters rise
Run to the hills
You can’t escape
Don’t fight this

You wasted time
Ignored the signs
To higher ground
escape the sound
Don’t fight this



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East Forest Portland, Oregon

East Forest plays organic electro-acoustic soundscapes influenced by classical, electronic and indie-pop backgrounds.


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