Sunrise Set - Live (downtempo)

from by East Forest



The East Forest Sunrise Set.
All original live looped Electro-Acoustic Ethereal Dreamscapes

Music produced and performed by East Forest.

1. Angel's Rest Prologue
2. 10 Laws
3. Hide! w/Kyleen King Viola
4. Chopping The Woods
5. Beatific
6. Highway 1
7. Vyana Vayu
8. Unconditional (w/Jason O'Neill-Butler, flute)
9. Walk Up (w/Jason O'Neill-Butler, flute)
10. Angel's Rest Epilogue

Incorporating field recordings from remote wilderness locations spanning the globe, the music of East Forest transmutes the knowledge of mother earth into a digestible sonic experience for a digitized hyperspeed society -- it’s a musical salve that connects us to the timelessness of the now. Called both “blissful” (NPR) and “magnificent” (Huffington Post), East Forest creates a new type of aural experience using music as an “organic technology” that can intentionally facilitate a journey of self discovery.

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from Singles / Remixes | $3 or gift more, track released December 1, 2014
Trevor Oswalt - keys, vocals, programming/looping
Jason O'Neill-Butler - flute
Thacher Schmid - violin
Kyleen King - viola




East Forest Portland, Oregon

East Forest plays organic electro-acoustic soundscapes influenced by classical, electronic and indie-pop backgrounds.


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