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Music For The Deck of The Titanic (2023 LP)

by East Forest

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Won’t you let me in, let me in Won’t you let me in If I knock on your door will you recognize me Won’t you let me in I’ll let you in, tell me how your feel Forgive all my sins time is precious Why won’t you let me in, let me in Won’t you let me in I’m just coming home like the water Won’t you let me in, let me in Let me in I’m just coming home Awaken, awaken I’m only coming home Let me in Let me in, let me in Will you recognize me Let me in, let me in The eternal sun, awaken awaken Won’t you let me in, you let me in Like the water Let me in I am not a mystery awaken Like the water Oh, let me in Live in this moment Let me in Time is precious
Patience 04:32
I tiptoe, to surprise exercise it from our bones Can we heed, or recede to the start, to the start Begin Conceal, reveal the happening is so surreal You can’t escape it all, on the margins Where do you hold your ground Stay around Rallying all our gumption eyes into the sun All our lies, to disguise working counter-clockwise Catch it all before it drops Lay it down before our time stops Right here Intertwine, so sublime In real-time We’re not alone, the seeds are sown it’s a sign Begin, in your mind know
I know, I know They say, they say You know, you know I know, I know You’ve always known From where you came Is where we’ll go I know, I know They say, They say It’s gonna comeback To me, to me We’ve always known It’s gonna comeback To me, to me Try to remember To me, to me Who we are It’s gonna comeback Who we are It’s gonna comeback Who you are It’s gonna comeback Who I am To me, to me To me, to me, To me, to me There’s no place to hide I know, I know It’s gonna comeback I know, I know It’s gonna comeback To me, to me We always know To me, to me It’s gonna comeback I know It’s gonna comeback To me, to me, it’s gonna comeback Just who you are It’s gonna comeback I know, I know I know, I know It’s gonna comeback You know, you know To me, to me It’s gonna comeback You’ve always known It’s gonna comeback You know, you know I know I know
Clay Steps 06:03
Legacy 04:43
Survive Survive me I’ve built it all My legacy Survive me Brick by brick A road of attachments Load my ship And sail these seas into the deep abyss Can’t carry it You cannot fit into this carousel You save and save and store it all Hide the key Survive me Leave it here Look upon my legacy Put it down Lighten, float away Survive me
Flittering 03:28
Birds Eye 05:23
One step forward two steps back The ground is shifting beneath these cracks Intuition's gone these days Obfuscated by this haze, a techno dream And who do you think you are? It’s coming true, our fates are due And who do you think you are? It’s coming true Where is my bird’s eye I lost my touch, the map in front of me It’s a shadow spy, an evil eye It lurks between our wild apathy It’s the turnaround Robbing Peter to pay Paul Double blind, can’t see it all While the world’s in freefall Keep the static down a chemical crown, it’s killing me Somehow it’s meant to be Irony While the world’s in freefall Oh the brightness of the scenes we have to see It’s killing me Close to the eyes it will disguise the ceremony And who do you think you are? It’s coming true, our fates are due Bring our fortunes back A sneak attack It’s the turnaround
But let’s say we did find out that music is coming to us from aliens. I don’t know that’s gonna change anything at all. I’m excited for the aliens, I’m excited for the grand revelation of the Galactic brotherhood or sisterhood or fraternity or sorority or whatever the fuck it is — council? Whatever it may be I’m excited for that but I don’t know how much it’s gonna change anything when it comes to being a human. I think it’s just gonna create a nice couple of years probably where we’re all like “Holy shit, we’re part of the galactic federation,” but then you’re gonna get annoyed. I don’t know if anything changes that much. Do you ever think about that, like let’s say the Buddha does show up let’s say the grand thing happens, that Jesus rides in on the lion or whatever, the thing is shown, the great unveiling. You know then what? You’re still gonna end up on a UFO, flying through space, you go to the bathroom and some asshole pissed on the seat and you’re gonna be like, “What the fuck is wrong with people?” You know what I mean, you’re still in the human form, you’re still stuck. You’re still dealing with the same problems. Won’t go away. I’m telling you man, this is the truth. The first time I talked to Ram Dass I said “Are you my guru?” He goes, “Yes. Now what?” It was so awesome. Just popped the balloon in the most brilliant way. Showing me like okay, sure, you’re still in the situation you were prior. Nothing is changing here other than, you know, whatever you thought was going to save you here or there or that, or this thing, it really isn’t. And that’s the essence of it all, isn’t it? It’s still just the moment. Whatever it may be, the world is flat, we find out the world is flat, the world is actually flat, surrounded by ice walls. And on the other side of the ice walls is where the aliens live. So what? You still have to eat. You still have to figure out a way to get food into your stomach and find shelter and you still have to have all the same stuff that you’re dealing with. Meaning to me, that’s where the liberation is, is because you begin to realize you’re still probably going to run into the same problem. There might not be a way out through technology, magic or any external saving factor. Threesomes. That’s the answer. Threesomes. That’ll do it, that’ll do it. It’ll be threesomes. That’s what’s missing from my life. Well then you want like a sixsome or something. You know what I mean? Oh that’s not enough, and next thing you know you’ve got a fucking neural implant and you’re experiencing what it’s like to have 50,000 dicks getting sucked by black holes, and you’re like this isn’t enough. These black holes actually are not very good at giving blow jobs. “Hey, I can’t get out, I can’t get it out.” Matter of time, if you’re a god you’re gonna eventually wonder what happens if you put your dick in one those things. No that’s the trick, you put your dick in a black hole as a god, it sucks you in and blows you out some other side as a big bang and that’s probably what we all are. We’re the shattered fragments of a god that stuck its dick in a black hole. That’s all of every thing that we are. For me, like having kids and a family has been revelatory for me because sitting around the table with my family just eating biscuits and listening to like country music (we’re in the South), I have experienced the highest state of ecstasy and connection with the divine than any of the crazy things that I have done as I’ve attempted to gratify my senses, you know? Gathering around a dinner table with people you love is older than anything. It’s like an ocean. It's been something going on for as long as humans have been wandering around. We sit together and we eat and hopefully we look across the fire of the table at each other and love each other and laugh, and then which is why when you finally do get lucky enough that you’re no longer stuck in your phone or trying to find just the perfect match of psychedelics, and fucking and music, you get lucky enough that you find yourself just doing something normal like that. You might have the most incredible relief when you see, Oh shit, right. This is it. Nothing’s really changed that much. This is it. This is where it’s at. All the other stuff, fireworks. Fireworks show. That to me is something really beautiful. I like to make breakfast for the kids. I’m sitting around the table with these wonderful kids, we’re eating and playing some music that my mom really liked and I’m realizing, in the connection between me and my kids, and in the something about cooking for them, and in the music, and suddenly I realize, this is my mom. This is my mom now. This is my mom. I’m with my mom, I’m eating with my mom right now, and right when I thought that, Forrest looks up from his pancakes and goes, “You found me.” It was so wild. It was just that moment of like, Oh right. You didn’t go anywhere, this was always you anywhere. You, mom. This is all moms. This is all the moms. All the moms who are, haven’t come to be, or aren’t in their body anymore. You’ll find them in those moments where you are just for a second, giving, cause that’s what the feminine does. There is, in the universe, a thing that we call mothers, that will hold you when you’re crying and love you. And the great news is, when your mom drops her body, she’s still there. If you want hope, the hope is, guess what? You’re the one at the wheel here. You’re the one who can help, you’re the one who can get back on your meditation cushion, or get back to you therapist, or get back to your exercise routine, or get back to all of the above. You’re the one who can do that. That’s the great hope. Try to find harmony in your house, in your home. Try to find peace in your home because that’s where the real change will come from. And it doesn’t have to be like blood relatives or anything like that, it’s your community, it’s the people around you. It might be your cats. Who know s what it is, it might be your relationship with yourself, but that’s the hope part. That’s the hope part. I mean because let’s imagine that it goes the opposite direction than what everyone’s saying. Let’s imagine one of these fucking UFOs flies over the planet, cools it down to the right level, sucks all of the carbon out of the atmosphere, puts some oil in the ground, whatever it may be. Evaporates all the oligarch and tyrants, and fascists, whatever it may be. Let’s imagine it happens that way. So what? You’re still going to be of much greater benefit to the people around you if you‘ve found a way to be peaceful and kind. Either way if you want to find like a rudder for the ship of your existence, of your incarnation, I think that rudder is exactly what Ram Dass said, “we work on ourselves so we can help the people around us.” That’s the hope. That’s the only hope.
Tangled 06:04
How this begins And how it ends How this began And how it ends Countless times Countless times How it begins And how it ends How it began Tender How it ends It begins And how it ends Countless time How it ends Countless times And how it ends How it begins It begins And how it ends How it ends Countless times Surrender Countless


I’ve always been interested in how music can serve as a vehicle to take us inside. And I’m particularly fascinated by how music can be used as a tool to help bring greater understanding and connection in a world seemingly gone mad. How can we make the changes needed for us to thrive? With this new album, I took the opportunity to expand my previously electro-acoustic sound palette by stripping the music down to its roots: live drums, upright bass, acoustic piano, and voice. Sometimes when things feel like they’re falling apart, it can be helpful to come back to the basics and find your center.

While much of my work explores long-form and experimental soundscapes, I’ve also always loved pure songwriting, and this was a great chance to dive back into hooks, lyrics, and merge it all with the ethereal elements and themes with an emotional invitation.

When I thought about the idea that musicians on the sinking Titanic played to calm the chaos happening around them, I found that notion so honorable, sad, and beautiful. It made me think about our times today, and I thought about how in the chaos of what is happening around us, perhaps we could be having trouble seeing the newness forming. Sometimes something has to die for something new to be born. This music seeks to celebrate and express the contradictions of these times, full of anxiety, hope, fear, inspiration, despair, and longing.


released November 3, 2023

"Life and death, and what it all means." - Billboard
"Lush, sweeping, unpredictable." - Rollingstone
"It's just stunning." - Bob Boilen, NPR
"Take in the music." - Sky News

Music by East Forest

Produced, Mixed & Engineered by Krishna-Trevor Oswalt

East Forest - vocals, piano, wurlitzer, synthesizers, drum programming, percussion, vibraphone.
Marieme - vocals (1, 3, 11)
ANNA - synthesizers, drum programming, co-producer (10)
Duncan Trussell - voice (8)
Jens Kuross - drums, percussion (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10)
Owen Hofmann-Smith - double bass, (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8), cello (2, 4, 9)

Mastered by Huntley Miller
with additional Atmos mixing by Steven JP Comeau

Album Artwork Photography - Marisa Radha Weppner w/design by Visionkit
(c)(p) East Forest 2023


all rights reserved



East Forest Escalante, Utah


East Forest plays electro-acoustic music coined "blissful" (NPR) and "immersive" (Wired). His work has appeared on Bright Antenna, Domino, 1631 Recordings, Aquilo Records, as well as Tender Loving Empire & Universal/Decca.
He has three #1 albums that charted on iTunes as well as multiple top ten Billboard releases. He tours internationally.
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