Ram Dass (2019) - FULL Album

by East Forest, Ram Dass

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chilidavis Beautiful work from an amazing artist....has been instrumental on my integration journey Favorite track: Home.
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Lalo Start your day with this album...end your day with this album...bridge your day with this album. This is absolutely beautiful; incredibly musicianship, profound wisdom from Ram Dass. Favorite track: I Am Loving Awareness (feat. Krishna Das).
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IO SOUND soulpod music for incarnations & cremations // one of the most beautiful ambient albums of sacred tones & spoken sophia that I have ever had the beautiful pleasure of letting slip into my mind with shivers into my soul // a true healing journey, bringing to delight the effortless air of the spirit that Ram Dass speaks in every syllable, made with reverence, more than a musician but a monk who has turned from the ready spoils of commercial fame to become like Rumi, audio incanter of the stars // Favorite track: I Am Loving Awareness (feat. Krishna Das).
Juniperus Kaizuka
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Juniperus Kaizuka A genuine creation of wisdom and beauty. Peaceful words, peaceful music, a pleasure to listen to. Favorite track: Please Pass The Bliss.
Alissa Fields
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Alissa Fields I love the feeling I have when listening to the sound and message of this album! Thank you for making this! 💜
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**This is the complete Ram Dass album (aka "Chapter IV" of our 4 part series) that includes all 14 final songs.

East Forest was invited to Ram Dass’ home in Maui to join in conversation and record brand new teachings from the legendary teacher. After capturing these words of wisdom, East Forest returned to his studio in the high desert of Southern Utah to compose the soundtrack to beautifully support each songs’ subject. In these new recordings, Ram Dass’ words speak masterfully to the modern challenges that so many face with technology, dark thoughts, the nature of the soul, and so much more. The new East Forest record also features guest appearances from the likes of Trevor Hall, Stic of Dead Prez, The Mynabirds, and Grammy nominated artist, Krishna Das, all framing Ram Dass’ teachings with contemporary voices and cementing the 88 year old spiritual teacher into an echelon of relevancy and immediacy — offering a direct antidote for a highly polarized nation that is deeply in need of a universal voice of wisdom, connection and unconditional love.


released August 9, 2019

All music written, produced, mixed and engineered by East Forest

Ram Dass - spoken word

East Forest - Vocals, Piano, Vibraphone, Percussion, Synthesizers, Shruti Box, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Organ, Mylodica, Field Recordings, Drum Programming, String Arrangements

Trevor Hall - Vocals
Krishna Das - Vocals, Ectara
Laura Bird of The Mynabirds - Vocals
stic of dead prez - MC

Owen Hofmann-Smith - Cello, Double Bass
Kyleen King - Viola, Violin, Bass Guitar
Thacher Schmid - Viola, Violin
Sheela Bringi - Bansuri flute
Jonathan P. Downer - Bass Guitar
Lorraine Weiss - Soprano Saxophone
Ji Tanzer - Percussion
Will Dudley - Kora
Lucas Tensen - Gordello
Amond AJ Jackson - Additional engineering, “Electronic Sea”
Huntley Miller - Mastering

Daniel F. Birch - Graphic Design
Elizabeth Hilton - Ram Dass and Maharajji Paintings

Tim Cook - Executive Producer
Raghu Markus - Love Serve Remember Executive Director

Recorded at Boulder Rock Studios (Boulder, UT), The Map Room (Portland, OR) and Ram Dass' study (Maui, HI)

All field recordings captured in and around Ram Dass' home on the island of Maui, Hawaii

With a deep bow to Neem Karoli Baba for his eternal guidance. Ram Ram.

Additional gratitude to Raghu, Rachel, Kelly, Rita, Dasi Ma and everyone at Love Serve Remember; Tim, Isabelle and Rachel at N3W Level management; Girlie Action; Ron & Boulder Rock Studios and Steveo; Radha for her loving support; and Ram Dass for his endless inspiration.


© 2019 Trevor Oswalt, Ram Dass - Love Serve Remember
(p) Long Lost Tricks Music (BMI), Baba Ram Dass Music (BMI)
Aquilo Records AR020


all rights reserved



East Forest Boulder, Utah

East Forest plays electro-acoustic orchestral ambient-pop coined "blissful" (NPR) and "immersive" (Wired). His work has appeared on 1631 Recordings, Aquilo Records, as well as Tender Loving Empire & Universal/Decca.
He has three #1 albums that charted on iTunes as well as multiple top ten Billboard releases. He is a Nord Artist & tours internationally.
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Track Name: Nature
All are our friends
Are us

Nature embraces us and we embrace nature

We are nature
We are the trees and the clouds and the waters
When you hug a tree you’re hugging yourself
We are human beings
Human beings are part of nature

When you’re seeing the ocean or the lake or the river you’re seeing yourself

Nature is a manifestation of god

And that manifestation is love all the way
Track Name: Dark Thoughts
When you witness a dark thought
A dark thought that isn’t going to get you anywhere
You witness it
And love it

You love your dark thoughts

Remember the witness is part of the soul
And the soul loves everything

Every thing
Not every being but every thing

Loves the clouds and the trees and the fish and the animals
And that love coalesces the universe

The oneness of the universe is love
Track Name: I Am Loving Awareness (feat. Krishna Das)
We have to get out of our minds
Our thinking minds
I’ll tell you how I do it

By using a mantra or phrase

I am loving awareness


Loving awareness is a name for soul
Which you really are
Leads you to love everything you are aware of

The sky
The room
Your body
Other people

And then I ride the mantra into my heart
And in my heart i see a doorway
Or a veil
To the next plain
Soul land

I am loving awareness
Track Name: Mind Karma (feat. Trevor Hall)
Our karma
Is our mind
And the mind stands in the way
Of a clear view of god

Our minds give us clouded perceptions

Individualism leads to war
And anger
And insecurity
And fear

Our karma is our mind

And the mind stands in the way
Of a clear view of god
Our minds give us clouded perceptions
Track Name: We Are Truth
The universe is a manifestation of the one
And the oneness is inside the soul
The soul is our real self
The ego is who we think we are
And the soul is really, really who we are

Soul comes from the one
From the god
And we are spiritual beings
Visiting humanity

I want to know
I want to know
I want to feel what’s inside
I want to let it go, let it go
I want to let it all go
I’m surrounded by
All these ghosts who can’t confide
Cannot let it go.
Just let it go.

We’re all satsang
We are all truth

I want to know
I want to know
I want to feel what’s inside
I want to let it go
I want to let it all go
There’s no questions left to ask
All our lives are in the past
They come and go so easily
There’s nothing left to be

If you identify with your soul
Then you see other people as souls

And souls love one another

It’s easy as a soul to love everybody

They’re all manifestations of the one
Track Name: Home
Psilocybin is my friend

Psilocybin got me onto the spiritual path

My first trip
I did it with Tim Leary and Allen Ginsberg
We were in the kitchen in Tim’s house
But the talking was too much for me
And so I went into the living room
Which was dark
And I sat down on the couch
I thought I have my body at least
But I looked down
There was the couch
There was no me sitting on the couch
There was no body
No roles
No body
Then I sensed in me a place of love
And I said
I’m home

I was going into spiritual planes of consciousness
I had never done that before
I’m home
Track Name: Please Pass The Bliss
The soul
Takes birth
Takes incarnation

To learn

Our perception
Of the soul
Is love love love love love

You love fellow souls
I love things
I love my pain
My wheelchair
I love you all
I love the whole universe

We love everyone
By inhabiting the soul
Track Name: Perfect, Perfect
Track Name: Electronic Sea (feat. stic of Dead Prez)
Feeling lost in the electronic sea in the universe?
Electronics capture our consciousness

I remember as a kid thinking about the future
Fast forward living in this age of computers
Everybody in their phones like a solitary cell
We don’t talk with our tongues we just text with our thumbs
Cell towers by the schools giving cancer to the young
And we cancel each other, online you get hung by the jealousy and judgements
Drama to dealt with, and private is public
We’re starving for substance

It’s all one to one
Put down your smoking gun
It’s only what we see
How you choose is what will be
It’s all from the earth
Reflections that we birth
Precious metals salt and sea,
It’s all one it’s you and me

Is a sickness that is coming from
The identification with separateness
With the individual

Modern technology, double edged sword
It’s everywhere at once, impossible to avoid
The whole world connected through the click of a button
We nuke our foods in the microwave ovens
Because it’s quick and convenient
We know the government taking peaks at our email yet we still need it
Fine print we don’t read it, take a bite out of the apple like Eve did in Eden
But where is it leading?

You become identified with your individuality
Then your world is populated by Them
Them is distant from You

At the end of the day, all roads lead home
Dorothy meets the Wiz, it is what it is
Perception is everything, waking up in the dream
We project what we think, but it’s not what it seems
Every cell every atom is connected like team
We are one in this ocean of life with many streams
Be empowered by the tool but don’t let it use you
Can’t Google self-knowledge
Be your own guru

On the other hand
You can identify with all of it
The universe
Or the One
The One is god

The electronics are us
They’re not Them
See yourself as part of a culture
As part of nature
As part of the universe
As part of god

Our consciousness is one
Your consciousness and my consciousness
It’s one
Track Name: SouLand (feat. Laura Bird of The Mynabirds)
It’s great to be in soul land
To identify with your individual soul
In the plane of consciousness
Which I call soul land

I go in to soul land
And in the soul
Is the witness
You witness the whole whole thing

I look around, what do I see
All my friends reflecting me
We do this dance, round and round
Never know what will be found
I can help you home

Witnessing your thoughts
Witnessing your incarnation
You witness your whole life
Soul land

You meet other souls
You meet your pod, soul pod
That have been with you infinitely
Soul land

And when you’re in your soul
You’ll find a doorway
Which leads into
The Atman

Don’t you want to come with me
You’re already here with me

And the Atman
Contains god
And you’re guru

Don’t you want to come be free

Soul Land
Track Name: Like Taking Off An Old Shoe AKA Death
Death is a ceremony
In which one takes off one pair of clothes
And adopts a new one
That’s from the soul perspective
From the ego
Death is a stopping point
It’s the end of the ego
The ego sees death as suffering
And the soul
See death as the awakening
Of a new world
A new perception

So you should identify
With your soul in life
That will be the best thing for you to do
To anticipate death

It’s your Sadhana in life

Your Sadhana prepares you
Prepares you for an upbeat dying
Track Name: A Miracle
There was a guy
He was a surfer from california
Long hair
All dressed in Indian clothes
I figured that’s the person I would go to India with

He said that he was going to take a walking trip in India
What the hell

So we started on our walking trip
My feet burned
He said “my guru is up in the hills”
So I decided to go up to the mountains with him
And I didn’t believe in gurus

The night before we were to arrive at the guru
We had stayed at a house
And I got up to go to the bathroom

And I went outside and the stars were magnificent
It was the first time I had thought about my mother
She had died six months before
She was a soul

I got inside his house and I hadn’t told anybody about this
And then the next day we drove on to the guru
Up on that hill he said “the guru is there on the hill”
What was at the top of that hill
And then it was a long, long path to a meadow
In the meadow there were 20 or 30 people
All dressed in white around a central figure
An old man
With a blanket over his shoulder

And my mind said to me “this is a cult”
I won’t go any farther

So the old man pointed at me
And he said, “you were thinking about your mother last night”

It was a miracle

I didn’t tell anybody about that
Just me
He’s privy to my mind
My mind was blown by that miracle
I was thinking my gosh he knows my mind

And I started to think about the thoughts that I had, that I wouldn’t want Anybody to know
And I looked up at him
And he is looking at me with such love
Unconditional love

He was loving me
With my thoughts
With all of the stuff

I never had unconditional love

That moment I loved everybody

When I looked into his eyes
I loved everybody
Including me

From then on
My life was just love, love, love, love

From then on
I was identified with my soul
Track Name: You're A Guru
You’re a guru...

Even if you have never met your guru
Your guru is there

Everybody has a guru

If you don’t think you have a guru
I’ll lend you mine

Before I realized that he was here
I felt I was the captain of my ship
Now he’s the captain of my ship

I surrender

I turn to him and he decides
and god decides

He has his leela or dance or game
and I’m part of that dance

You’re a guru
Track Name: Love Everybody
In my second visit to India
Took me aside and said to me,

“Ram Dass love everybody”

And I said
I can’t
My mind is full of judgements

He said,
“Ram Dass love everybody and tell the truth”

And those instructions
Have been my guide
To my Sadhana

And my Sadhana
Has led to my soul

And souls love each other
And tell the truth