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Cairn - Deluxe Edition (feat. Keith Sweaty) | (2018 LP)

by East Forest

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Fresh Start 05:26
When you depart I want a fresh start May I erase, make my case I want a fresh start Can you let it go, of what you know It’s just a phase, a passing wave It’s just a stage, of my age Can you let it go I want a fresh start Before you depart The back of my mind It’s not a sign I want a fresh start Can you let it go, of what you know It’s just a phase, a passing wave It’s just a stage, of my age Can you let it go If you could let it be It’d fall away I could stay I want a fresh start Is it my fate to satiate my desire My inner fire I want your heart
Moving parts, change their hearts, creates a tidal wave An energy, released to be, races towards the shore You cannot see, the changes are meant to be To higher ground, espace the sound, run up to the hills You can’t escape the choices you make Wipes away our lives, erase it all, everything will fall, don’t fight this From deep below the pressures build, something’s got to give Death and birth is life on earth, the pleasures and the pain You can’t outrun the waves These cycles recycle Makes equal, karmic sequel The waters rise Run to the hills You can’t escape Don’t fight this You wasted time Ignored the signs To higher ground escape the sound Don’t fight this
Cairn 04:45
It starts today Every journey starts with one step I can't see beyond the fog inside all my choices seem to collide I want to know where it's all going to Why all these hoops that we must jump through Why all these answers we can't understand What does it mean today to be a man All roads lead to Rome / the path is wide Everywhere is your home Can not lose your way / the path is wide Everywhere is your home / one foot in front of the other The choices I did make The promises I did break I can't turn around and change my mind Can't make a blind man read the signs This is not the show I wanted to see This is not the best part of me Can you forget and let me walk away We're just two souls in this spiral arm, milky way Sometimes you might feel lost, not know way Looking back you regret the choices you make today Where are the signs Stack of stones do light my way
Interval #1 01:06
I’m running a race that can’t be won Flying with wax wings into the sun Gonna catch my breath now Gonna catch my breath I’m treading the line between truth and lies Running my past and man I despise My heart is large enough to hold it all I can’t be confined to one love so small Gonna catch my breath now Gotta catch my breath Good things to come (Scarub) The head races through a track of recollection Hundred laps a second Circle round old memories It’s hard to get a breath in Resting makes it worse, I pace the Earth to chase the nervousness away Anxious when in empty space, must take the time to breathe today Catch a breath and save what’s left Still standing, I attest, barely cheated death distressed in this mess but I’ve survived off less Feel like a cardiac arrest, I’m alright I guess Running in a race that can’t be won, unless I’m honest and get this weight off my chest upon us, time is not promised, so i stay modest at best I'm not flawless, a novice, with a shortness of breath so weird how normal this feel, when all is chaos, and peace is strange this isn't how it always was for me, can't say how this became room for growth and change, I truth will come, once done with mental strain the mind's detained, wrapped in chains, times the key, to free the brain When my past catches up to you It’s a mirror that I see through To the confusion in my mind Pure answers only time can unwind
100 Arms 03:55
I woke feeling that I couldn’t believe that it was a dream the Love Medusa, 100 Arms And I just couldn’t believe that it was a dream When she blew his heart open Two people who love each other Who can’t tell each other that After years and years Of not speaking their own truth Are you ready It’s an invitation The love medusa
Tiny Choices 04:03
In a ship set out to sea the cargo's loaded, it's just you and me fifty fathoms below the world is round so there's nowhere to go grab the wheel you are drifting away let the wind take these sails let the stars show us where to go foreign lands we have yet to know small degrees change your hemisphere tiny choices will change your life you cannot see where these currents go imperceptible. running circles in this blue abyss our destination we cannot miss just beyond the horizon is the new world we're bound to find grab the wheel and choose where you want to go your heart's a compass your heart's the compass let the wind take these sails.
Interval #2 01:23
Snake Skins 03:42
why must it end like this I can't remember our last kiss contradictions hard conviction can't let go shed this snakeskin and this need to win no original sin shed it off the end of the line where I pine for what is not mine it's greener on this grass and our past went by so fast how can I rule my mind when I cannot find in the wreckage I've left behind in the truth that I said was mine when I cannot read the signs
You always told us you dance to your own beat Always moving, Occam's razor cuts your feet Into a corner demanding all the answers now You poke a tiger you get a spider, get bit anyhow You play these games You walk the line Don’t underestimate The power of changing tides Equatoreality Black and white, it’s how you see the world Ultraviolet, infrared, still invisible You’re a victim to the stories that you tell Never ending novellas that you sell
Don't come down.
Interval #3 02:17
Feels so strong Right is wrong The setting suns Comes undone Hearts are won Out of time See the signs We can win Hearts are won This is not the end We can win Hearts can be won Life is long



01 Fresh Start
02 Karmic Sequel
03 Cairn
04 Interval #1
05 Good Things To Come (feat. Scarub)
06 100 Arms
07 Tiny Choices
08 Interval #2
09 Snake Skins
10 Equatoreality
11 Higher Heights (feat. Lorna Dune)
12 Interval #3
13 Hearts Are Won
14 Second Nature
15 Hearts Are Won "Stripped" (piano & strings only)
16 Cairn (Different Sleep Remix)
17 100 Arms (Philip Grass Remix)
18 Hearts Are Won (Lorna Dune Remix)

A collaborative album by East Forest featuring Keith Sweaty - "Cairn"

Releases January 26, 2018 -- CAIRN DELUXE EDITION -- a full length LP featuring B-sides and remixes by Different Sleep, Philip Grass, and Lorna Dune.

In collaboration with electronic producer Keith Sweaty -- a collection of beat driven tracks, analogue synths, acoustic piano and a wealth of vocals and lyrics by Trevor Oswalt a.k.a. East Forest.

The timing of Cairn coincided with a time of deep personal change for Oswalt as he left a long-term relationship of many years and found himself in unexpected emotional depths. You can hear in the lyrics of Cairn a highly personal and honest dive into the world of loss and individual choice. With the added rhymes by Scarub of Living Legends, trumpet by Brad Lee of The Album Leaf, the analogue synths of Lorna Dune, along with stings by the ‘Bizarre Star Strings’ trio (Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket, Joanna Newsom) as well as Thacher Schmid (Emancipator), Cairn transformed into a grooved out electro-acoustic experience that is as simultaneously booty shaking as it is genuinely introspective -- both a personal and societal call to arms exploring contradictory truths such as destiny, choice, and personal responsibility, all against the backdrop of a civilization undergoing fundamental transition and transformation.


released January 26, 2018

Music by East Forest & Keith Sweaty
Trevor Oswalt - vocals, piano, keyboards, percussion, string arrangement (track 2).
Keith Milgaten - synthesizers and beat programming, background vocals, bass guitar, nylon guitar, string arrangement (track 7) percussion.
Scarub - vocals (track 5)
Brad Lee - trumpet (track 5)
Mirabai Peart - violin (track 2, 6, 13)
Kyleen King - viola (track 2, 6, 13)
Anna Fritz - cello (track 2, 6, 13)
Thacher Schmid - viola, violin (track 1, 7, 9)
Lorna Krier - synthesizers (track 11, string arrangement (track 13)

Remixes by Different Sleep, Philip Grass, & Lorna Dune.

Mixed by Keith “Sweaty” Milgaten with additional mixing by Trevor Oswalt and Steven Comeau
Artwork & Layout by Darius Twin
Mastered by Jared Hirshland at JLH Audio

Aquilo Records AR015
© 2018 East Forest (p) Long Lost Tricks Music (BMI) Keith Joseph Milgaten SESAC

uploaded in high resolution 24 bit - Bandcamp exclusive

lorna dune:

Lorna Dune is the stage name of Lorna Krier, a virtuosic performer of "New Music" (think: classical music that is still being written), particularly in the Minimalist tradition, serving as a founder of several chamber style ensembles and a keyboardist/synthesist in numerous Brooklyn-based electronic music bands/collectives/groups of people making sound together. Her work with composer Missy Mazzoli in the quintet Victoire on the record "Cathedral City" was named "One of the top 10 classical albums of 2010" by NPR and "one of 2010 most memorable albums" by The New Yorker magazine.


When he wasn’t watching Yo MTV Raps or Pump It up, Scarub, like many other L.A. hip-hop heads, grew up listening to the all hip-hop radio station, KDAY. It wasduring these early years that Scarub first gave himself the name Quaz (The kid who did), and later Mudd Foot, before settling on Scarub as his mc moniker. Scarub first hit the stage during an 8th grade talent show and he hasn’t looked back since. As a student at L.A.’s Hamilton High, Scarub hooked up with fellow students Eligh and Murs and the trio formed the 3 Meloncholy Gypsy’s or 3MG. Scarub like the rest of 3MG eventually made the move up to the bay area where he hooked up with Mystik Journeymen and was put down with the Living Legends crew.

different sleep:

Having always commanded a sizable online following, Rafa Alvarez aka Different Sleep has functioned in a uniquely digital context since emerging as an artist to look out for, showing off an innate ability to find the equilibrium between progressive sonics and universal emotion. On 1/27/17, the Los Angeles-based artist will release his debut ‘Forget It’ LP, featuring Alfarez's vocal debut and guest spots from IDEH, Vanessa Elisha, Jarell Perry, Angelina Lucero and Deebs. Having forged an initial path on two essential EPs for FoF, ‘Forget It’ is a multifaceted affair, a composition that demands repeat front-to-back listens while existing on a distinctly pop level. It’s a record with constantly shifting contours and an array of talented guests, but Alvarez is always at the center, either subtly manipulating from the background or taking the mic himself. Self-serious music with heart is often hard to come by in the electronic music world and 'Forget It' is both and more.

phillip grass:

Philip Grass is an electronic music duo based in Portland, OR. They draw on influences from jazz, house, and avant-electronic music, passing from mood to mood in a way that is both captivating and inventive.

keith sweaty:

Keith Milgaten is an audio engineer, music producer and film music composer. He has released remixes on indie labels such as Sub Pop, Merge, and Temporary Residence as well as various commissioned works for award winning films by acclaimed directors Rob Reiner and Destin-Daniel Cretton. Keith has worked with an impressively large range of genres and talent from new classical ensemble Victoire to hip-hop legend Talib Kweli to ambient indie-rockers The Album Leaf.


all rights reserved



East Forest Escalante, Utah

TOUR: bnds.us/b7sg7x

East Forest plays electro-acoustic music coined "blissful" (NPR) and "immersive" (Wired). His work has appeared on Bright Antenna, Domino, 1631 Recordings, Aquilo Records, as well as Tender Loving Empire & Universal/Decca.
He has three #1 albums that charted on iTunes as well as multiple top ten Billboard releases. He tours internationally.
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